Extension Tent

Whether as a kitchen, changing room or simply as a further living space – the iKamper Extension Tent is always a practical travel companion. Thanks to the closed around walls, bad weather stays where it belongs: very far outside. But even in good weather, the Extension Tent offers many advantages.


The Skycamp Awning provides optimal sun and rain protection when you and your family are travelling. The Awning is quickly attached to the tent with the zip closure and the huge roofed-over area ensures that the sitting area and kitchen are always in the shade or dry.


Tropical Tent

We developed the Tropical Tent for the hot summer months This tent variant is its own tent skin, which consists for the most part of mosquito gauze and thus gives the feeling of sleeping directly under the open sky with a view of the stars. The lower slightly raised canvas material ensures that you are largely protected from prying eyes while lying down. In order to use the tropical roof, the main tent is simply detached from the hard shell by means of a zip closure, the Tropical Tent can now be retracted accordingly. The rain roof of the roof tent can optionally be rolled up to ensure a 100% ventilation.

Storm protection

The vinyl hood provides extra protection on very rainy and windy days. It is attached by means of zipper under the canopy of the main tent and thus extends the canopy. Thanks to the clear vinyl, the storm / rain protection allows us to marvel at the beauty of nature at any time of our stay and the additional anchoring options give the Roof Tent additional stability.

Roof Tent closure

Your roof tent is a valuable asset and for some even a loyal friend – so do not leave it unsecured. The locks are fixed to the roof tent and are made of stainless steel.

NOTE: The locks must be installed during production of the Skycamp and cannot be retrofitted at a later date. We therefore recommend to select this equipment from the beginning.

Wind Deflector

The Wind Deflector improves the overall image of the Skycamp on your vehicle and reduces wind noise by minimising flow resistance. Improved aerodynamics also helps to save money at the filling station! The Wind Deflector is attached to the rails under the Sky4x and its rubber bumper prevents scratches on your roof.


Anti-theft Device

The stainless steel anti-theft devices are mounted over the screws of the mounting plates to prevent unscrewing. Two locks are included and one can be attached to each cross strut, thus ensuring that your Skycamp remains on your vehicle, especially if you want to leave your vehicle (including roof top tent) unattended for a long time.

Shoe Organiser

The Shoe Organiser provides a dry shelter for up to six pairs of shoes, in addition there is a cover to protect against rain. It can easily be hooked to the fixing rail under the roof tent and hangs conveniently next to the entrance ladder.

Pocket Organiser

Ideal for storing camping gear, kitchen utensils, toiletries or toys for our beloved little ones. The pocket organiser can easily be hooked to the fixing rail under the roof tent and hangs conveniently next to the entrance ladder. It has 4 large pockets, can be folded for easy storage and is made of durable 600D polyester .

Inner Tent

In cold regions, breathing, sweating or even cooking creates a lot of moisture that can condense on the inside of the tent, especially at night. To reduce this effect, we developed the Inner Tent; it is simply attached to the existing struts of the roof tent. Another advantage of the Inner Tent is the higher heat insulation and the beautiful feeling of space through the bright cotton fabric.