iKamper is distributed through its official partner, CAMPWERK.

iKamper produces innovative roof tents and outdoor equipment of the highest quality. A roof tent is a tree house dream come true, however, the roof tent is larger, more mobile and more comfortable. With iKamper roof tents, camping enthusiasts can set off, stop and set up camp at any time. iKamper roof tents make camping easy and comfortable as well as creating fun.

“IKamper roof tents are my little tree house dreams come true. Anyone who has read Mary Osbourne’s book “Magic Tree House” dreams of having their own tree house, which takes one to a mysterious land. I also have dreamed of having my own tree house. The idea of having my own little cave, which leads me to all mysterious lands and undeveloped places, still fascinates me today. iKamper roof tents make dreams come true. With your little tree house on the car, you can go anywhere – explore strange lands and unknown locations … Every day is often characterised by our work, so sometimes I just want to get out of my everyday life and recharge my batteries. Then I just pull out with my roof tent and camp to be a part of nature. iKamper Roof Tents bring people from their everyday lives into nature, into the wilderness, where they can live out another part of themselves and enjoy nature. With iKamper Roof Tents, our campers make a journey back to their childhood. “

– Soon Park

iKamper founder

Jack Kerouac’s book “On The Road” deeply inspired Soon Park, the founder of iKamper. Exactly like Kerouac, Park loves travelling. In the year 2004, Park and his trailer made a journey from Boston to Los Angeles and back. iKamper roof tents are a result of his road trip through North America. Since this trip, Park has continued his fascination with outdoor camping. This led him to innovative roof tents: Hardtop One, Hardtop One Jr., Road Trip and now Sky4x. He started working on Hardtop One in August 2012. After more than 20 prototypes, he produced his final prototype and conducted various tests in March 2014. The Hardtop One came on the market in June 2014 and the Sky4x builds on this success. Park’s goal is to make iKamper a global brand. iKamper participates in various outdoor shows in Europe, North America and Australia so as to expand the business worldwide.