How can I order an iKamper roof tent?

Best directly online via our Shop.

Alternatively, you can also visit one of our showrooms or us at one of our numerous trade fairs .

Do you want an individual consultation in advance? Then simplycontact us . Our team is looking forward to your inquiry.

How high are the delivery costs?

As the Sky4x Roof Tent is a bulky product, it is transported by a freight carrier on a pallet.

  • The shipping within Germany costs € 169.00

Additional countries*:

  • Shipping to the Netherlands costs € 229.00
  • Shipping to Austria and Italy costs € 349.00
  • Shipping to Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and the Czech Republic costs € 289.00
  • Shipping to Switzerland costs € 359.00 net, plus customs duties

Since shipping to other countries always depends on the place of delivery, please ask directly about this via the contact form with your current delivery address.

Free pick up

Of course, you can also pick up the roof tent from us for free. Please note that the roof tent is packed in a 230x150x44cm cardboard box and does not fit in boot spaces. The best way is to pick up from us with a van or trailer or make use of the assembly service.

* Please note that these rates may vary depending on your residential location. We will contact you in advance in this case.

Does the Sky4x Roof Tent fit on my vehicle?

The Roof Tent can be mounted on almost any vehicle that has a dynamic roof load of at least 75 kg. You only need 2 cross struts / load carriers. The roof tent is then attached to the cross struts / load carriers with the enclosed materials. A mounting DIRECTLY on a roof panel is not recommended, since the distance to the roof is very small and the U-bolts can cause scratches. So you also need with a roof panel cross struts / load carriers.

We are happy to offer you the correct load carriers for your vehicle on purchase.

But my roof tent weighs much more than 75 kg?

For most vehicles, the roof load is between 75 – 100 kg but this figure refers to the load during driving! When the car is stood still, the weight that acts on the roof may be significantly higher.

You can find an interesting report on the subject hier (only in German)

Can I also mount the Sky4x Roof Tent on a pickup platform or cabin?

Yes, all you need is a frame that has 2 cross struts as a mounting point or a sturdy pickup cab that can carry the dynamic load of 75 kg.

How much does the Sky4x Roof Tent weigh and how much weight does it hold?

Most roof loads are 85 kg, the roof tent already weighs 74 kg. How are people supposed to sleep in there?

For most vehicles, the roof load is between 75 – 100 kg, but this figure refers to the dynamic load during driving! When the car is stood still, the weight that acts on the roof may be significantly higher.

An interesting report on the topic can be found here here(only in German)

Can I leave my bedding in the tent?

Yes! Even when the extension of the roof tent is collapsed into the tent, there is still enough room for sleeping bags, blankets, pillows or clothes. We have created a video that makes the packing with bedding somewhat clear:  Video.

How easy is it to assemble the Roof Tent?

It is easy! You only need a 13 mm wrench.

Thanks to the lightweight construction of the Sky4x Roof Tent, the weight is only about 70 kg and can therefore be lifted onto the roof by 2 people. You should allow 30 minutes for the initial assembly of the tent and if you are well-practised, it should be feasible in less than 10 minutes.

Can I quickly dismount the Roof Tent from the car?

Yes, to dismount the Roof Rent, we recommend removing the load carriers (to which the roof tent is attached) with the roof tent. These are unlocked with a handle and the roof tent holds them perfectly in position for the next assembly. Needs less than 5 minutes of time.

Do I need additional equipment to assemble the tent?

You only need a roof rack on your vehicle and a 13 mm spanner to tighten the screws on the brackets. All other assembly components are included in the scope of delivery of the tent.

Is it just as easy to close the tent as it is to open it?

Yes, to close the tent, simply repeat the opening procedure the other way round. One person can easily close the tent. Look how easy it is here./a>.

Is the ladder adjustable in height?

Yes, the build height of the standard ladder reaches up to 211 cm and the extended ladder up to 239 cm.
We offer special extensions for higher vehicles. Please contact our customer service on this matter.

Can the Sky4x be attached to my roof rack proof against theft? I am afraid that it could be stolen.

The Sky4x Roof Tent is mounted with four brackets (8 screws) to the cross load carriers of your roof rack. Even if it is difficult to disassemble and steal the tent inconspicuously, you can purchase the Anti-theft Device for extra security.

What material is the fabric made of? Is this breathable?

The tent fabric consists of a very high quality and heavy cotton-blended fabric, also known as canvas or sailcloth among other names. The fibre is a material work of art made of cotton and polyester and combines the advantages of a natural fibre with those of a modern high-tech material. The result is a strong, breathable fabric with a pleasant feel and great dimensional stability that is perfect for the European weather.

Can I also heat the tent?

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Do I have to re-waterproof the tent?

Normally not, re-waterproofing is not necessary due to the special pressure waterproofing. The exception is when you are exposed to special environmental influences or work with chemicals such as, for example, detergents. At these places, you should work after cleaning with a waterproofing spray.

Important, do not use hairspray, deodorant or similar sprays in the tent. The waterproofing can be influenced by the released chemicals.

How much weight does the ladder withstand?

About 160 kg. For maximum safety, the ladder should be placed at the correct angle (ideally 70 degrees on the inside of the ladder).

Why is the iKamper Sky4x Roof Tent different in Europe and the USA?

For trademark protection reasons, the iKamper Roof Tent uses Sky4x name