Herman G.

I previously had a James Baroud Evasion XXL. I loved the roof tent, except it stuck out on both sides of my vehicle. This is not ideal when driving through the forest. Then came the iKamper Roof Tent. Perfect fit on the roof of the vehicle and through the ingenious design, I now have more space. I like almost everything about the Sky4x. The mattress leaves something to be desired. I have the early adopter version, which is just a thin piece of foam. I would like to have the quilted look as shown in the photographs. The standard closure solution does not seem to me to be sufficient for a protection; I catch myself in the process as I test all the time whether they are then closed properly. In addition, I also have the clear entrance / rain protection film, the Extension Tent and the Sun Awning. I am glad that I tried it at home before I marched off I fought a bit with the build on the first occasion but once you have done it a few times, it is pretty quick and easy to set up.

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