Inner Tent



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Next delivery expected calendar week 39 2018!
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The inner tent is (as the name implies) is attached inside the Sky4x and forms an additional insulation layer to the outer material. The tent stays warm for longer due to body heat or externally used heat sources. It also offers further protection against condensation water, which is often caused by breathing, sweating or cooking, especially in colder outdoor temperatures.

All three windows and the door can simply be rolled up and fixed to ventilate the interior.

The inner tent will be delivered in ivory colour, this consisting of a breathable poly-cotton material. This gives the Sky4x a cozy and comfortable atmosphere and thus also improves the interior climate.

Note: The inner tent will give the “Sky4x Experience” a comfortable feeling and should help to reduce condensation water and to dissipate it better and faster. Since the tent itself is not heated, you should prepare yourself accordingly for the upcoming cold, for example, with sleeping bag, blankets and heating, etc.